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New hip to gable rear Dormer Loft Conversion Yardley Birmingham West Midlands

Posted on Loftstyle Limited

A new hip to gable rear Dormer Loft Conversion has started today on a semi detached property in Yardley Birmingham to create a bedroom and en-suite.  The side hip will be raised to form a new gable and a rear Dormer added to give plenty of usable height and space.  2 U.P.V.C. windows will be added to the rear Dormer for light to the bedroom and en-suite and 1 U.P.V.C. window will be added to the new gable for light to the stairwell.  A Velux window will also add extra light to the front elevation of the bedroom.  Loftstyle will be building the structural element of this project and the client will complete the interior.

Build Process:-

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