Loft and Garage Conversion

Loft and Garage Conversion

Location: Bromsgrove Completed: April 2015

A Velux loft conversion has been carried out on a property in Bromsgrove to add a master bedroom and en suite.  The Velux loft conversion has linked Velux windows to the rear of the property and single Velux windows to the front. This creates a light and airy atmosphere with a wonderful view. The en suite is fitted with bespoke bathroom fittings creating a modern comfortable environment and again the Velux window gives the en suite lots of natural light. The new stairs, which match the existing staircase and rise above the existing staircase, create a natural flow through the property from the ground floor to the second floor.

A pitch roof side dormer loft conversion to the detached garage has created a new office.  A new U.P.V.C door and window combination frame has been added with an external staircase for access.  The Velux window also fitted gives more natural light.  Extra storage space has been created in the void area by fitting a storage floor with access doors.


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